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Tibetan Beads and Nepalese Beads

Welcome to Kate’s Treasure, a beautiful collection of Tibetan Beads and Nepalese Beads.

Our company started importing beads in 2006 through a partnership with a family living in Nepal. Our mutual goal was to make a better life for our children, as all parent desire, and to provide opportunities to other families.  Our collection includes beautiful beads and pendants with intricate Repousse carvings and stampings. They are made of Conch shell, turquoise, copal-amber, coral, agate, yak bone, horn, onyx, lapis, carnelian, silver and brass all sure to make your creations a special treasure.  I am truly in love with these beads, one is more beautiful than the other. They bring a sense of continuity of history and art and have a depth that reaches beyond time.   I have been told many times that I carry the prettiest beads and the best quality. Our beads coordinate well with Karen Hill Tribe Silver. For added interest incorporate crystals or rose cut gemstones to your designs.​

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